Our lands are rich

with food and materials for survival.

Traditions thrive in Pedro Bay

The lands that make up Pedro Bay have supported the Dena’ina people for centuries.

Barges transport most of the outside goods and fuel to residents, moving goods from Homer to Iliamna Bay, the goods are then portaged over a 14-mile road to Pile Bay, 10 miles from Pedro Bay. 

Lake Iliamna is surrounded by 4,000 foot peaks to the northeast and flat terrain in the southwest. Thick tundra blankets the lands, and offers a range of berries and greens. Abundant fish and wildlife provide food to sustain us year-round.

Spectacular scenery and recreational activities are the focus of tourism opportunities.

Local Attractions

Pedro Bay offers opportunity for world class fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventures. For more information about guided fishing and lodging please visit the sites below. 

Getting here

Several airlines offer service to Pedro Bay including

Pedro Bay From above

Our lands are the foundation for our corporation and our culture. The utilization of the land for economic purposes is closely balanced with subsistence use, archaeological research and historic preservation.

Pedro Bay Corporation is responsible for the oversight of 92,100 acres of surface land, allotted under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Land Use Permits

PBC’s Land Use Policy allows access to the public on a limited basis, with written permission.

Scientists, surveyors, photographers, campers, hikers, guides, anglers and hunters are asked to respect PBC’s land.

Applications must be approved and all fees paid prior to usage. Unauthorized use of PBC land is prohibited and trespassing is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. PBC employs a Land and Resource Officer to monitor use of PBC Land, and Land Observers to participate in inspections to ensure PBC lands are protected and to prevent unauthorized use.

Please see our, 

Land Use Rules

For questions or to gain access our lands, contact (907) 277-1500 or

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