Shareholder and Elder Services

Pedro Bay Benefits Corporation (PBBC) is a nonprofit organization formed to help our shareholders and their descendants with educational opportunities, scientific research and benevolent requests.

Funding for PBBC comes from Pedro Bay Corporation and individual donations. The programs are operated through a partnership with Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation, the nonprofit arm of our regional corporation.

Education Opportunities

PBC offers scholarships and grant opportunities to eligible shareholders to help pay for education and training programs. This program is run by the nonprofit Pedro Bay Benefits Corporation (PBBC), in partnership with the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation.

For more information, please visit our Pedro Bay Benefits Corporation page

Employment opportunities

Please visit our Careers page for current job announcements. 

Each year, PBC holds an annual meeting to present corporate news and financial information to shareholders. This is also the time new directors are elected.

Meetings are held in Anchorage or Pedro Bay, Alaska.

Announcements regarding annuals meeting can be found on the website and social media platforms, be sure to give us a follow to stay up to date! Links to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can be found at the bottom of any page in our website. 

annual meeting of shareholders